Commercial Cleaning Services: Good for Employees and Your Bottom Line

As employers, we are often looking for win-win scenarios. How do we offer our product at a great price while still maintaining profit? How do we increase efficiency and keep employees happy? There are several business books written, and even more still being created, about the numerous ways to tackle all the management issues any business and employer faces.

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One way we have seen a win-win for business owners and employees is through the outsourcing of commercial cleaning services. How is this possible? In these ways:

A Clean Space Builds Morale

Studies show that employees determine how much value is placed on them based on the cleanliness of their workspace. Imagine having to take a break in a dirty kitchen or feeling uncomfortable using the restroom because it doesn’t feel clean. On the contrary, clean spaces put employees at ease, reducing stress and building morale.

A clean space shows you care.

Commercial Cleaning Services Are Outsourced

When employees can focus on their own jobs, rather than on cleaning, they can stay productive on what they do best. Outsourced commercial cleaning services also means your employees don’t have to do the “dirty work” that could cause job resentment. Part of this resentment could come in the form of having a lower pay rate during cleaning duties, an increase in on-the-job injuries when staff isn’t properly trained to clean, or even a discrepancy in hours paid because of varying degrees of cleaning competence by individual staff.

Hiring commercial cleaning services keeps a healthy boundary around job roles and responsibilities, so your staff can focus on their best work.

Safe & Healthy Environment

When the wrong cleaning chemicals are used, you run the risk of not properly sanitizing an area, resulting in the spread of germs and bacteria. This can lead to sickness, and resulting sick days and lowered productivity – after all, an employee can’t perform their job duties if they don’t report to work.

Professional janitorial staff is trained in the proper products, application and use to ensure the healthiest clean, so your employees can keep producing.

Safe Personnel

A cluttered workspace can create a trip or slip and fall scenario. When a commercial cleaning company performs service, they clear areas of trash and debris, which also encourages other staff to keep areas clear. This is particularly important after remodeling where construction debris exists, including screws, nails, hardware, dust, drywall and more.

Keep staff safe from accidents and injury, and protect yourself from lawsuits, with commercial cleaning.

7 Effective Ways To Stay on a Budget

If you want to reach financial success and none of your ways are working, then you need a new and better approach. Look at your income stream, spending habits and familiarize yourself with your weaknesses. You need a good picture of your finances before you start creating a budget. Once you set up a budget, all you need is consistency and discipline. Now, most of us may have a hard time, especially at the start. We rounded up some effective ways to help you stay on a budget:

1. Take Advantage of Apps

We now live in the digital world with the option of accessing anything through our mobile phones. Applications available in the app store range from games, tools, editors, and more! And, there are definitely some tools dedicated to helping you keep track of your budget and overall finance. Take advantage of these tools – there is a wide range of choices, just choose what fits you.

2. Use Cash

A trick you can do is to bring out the only amount of cash you’ll need to sustain your needs for the whole week. Keep your debit and credit card away from you when you go out of the house. You can easily forget the value of money when you transact them electronically. Through paying cash, you will be able to be more mindful of your expenses and manage your budget easier.

3. Have a Shopping List

Manage your cash flow better by making a list, not just for the groceries, but other expenses like laundry, gas, and other essentials. Having a list of your everyday expenses will give you an overview of where your income goes and allow you to analyze your expenditures. Also, while purchasing, a list will lessen your temptation to buy other stuff that isn’t listed – which normally are unnecessary things.

4. Reward Yourself Once in a While

You can reward yourself with something that isn’t expensive, or better, free! This is where self-care comes in,. Do something you enjoy. Maybe a nice hot bath while sipping your favorite juice/wine, attend an event, cook food from ingredients in your own kitchen, visit a friend, and other fun stuff!

5. Prioritize Debts

Debts can be scary and cause us more financial stress especially as time passes. Prioritize paying your debts, especially the ones with interests, rather than spending on your wants and luxuries. Being debt-free is one of the best feeling and best start to the road of a financially stress-free life!

6. List Down All Expenses

One way to be aware of your daily spending habits is to keep track of your expenses. Make it a habit of listing all expenses even small amounts, and ask for receipts on every purchase. You can then look through your budget and analyze if you can cut on some expenses you make regularly.

7. Remind Yourself of the Future

Everyone has a goal and a dream. Majority of us want to have financial freedom that’s why we are working hard today and doing everything that may lead us to that road. List down your goals and make it a habit to read it regularly to be reminded of why you’re budgeting your money and saving it.

Having a hard time follow these ways? Or do you simply not trust your own plans? You can always ask help from a Professional Financial Advisor about Financial Planning, Insurance, Investments, Retirements Plans, and more! They will help you identify your goals and work with you to achieve them.


Ways to Make Your Home High-Tech

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Come and join the futuristic revolution where cars, offices, or even parks are turned into smart ones. And now why not make your home, the place where you relax, feel free and comfortable, a smart place. A smart home is really essential for living a life hassle-free.

We give you the ways to make your home high-tech.

Style your home

If you don’t have any futuristic style of a home, it is still okay. A home is a home even if your house looks like a house from 1900 it’s fine. But it is better to give your house an amazing futuristic look to fit in your awesome high technology gadgets you are to put. Have a house with a modern style, like those houses with those sleek clean line structures, giving it that neat look and making it futuristic. Also, have that floor to ceiling windows that are very common for modern style houses.

Have an assistant

There are a lot of innovative minds creating smart robot assistants for our homes or offices.

A lot of companies and innovators put these smart robots in the market for sale. There is a widespread of different kinds of smart robots you can choose from. Having a smart robot in your home is really a good choice for having an assistant. They can offer you a lot of services like sharing the news with you, tell you what time it is, waking you up as an alarm, take photographs or videos for you, you can use them to call or send a message to someone. Some also have social skills like playing music for you, giving you advice or quotes, dance for you and even tell jokes to make you laugh. These smart robots are fascinating, adding them to your home will make your home a smart space.

Purchase a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats will control the temperature of your home or a specific room.

If the smart thermostat detects that no one is in a specific room it will automatically turn the air condition for that room off since no one is using it. Or you yourself can control it manually.

Smart thermostats will adjust for your desired setting to make you comfortable and give you pure satisfaction.

Designate a smart sweeper

Smart sweepers are truly satisfying. This little robot will sweep your floors leaving no dirt or debris behind. They can work until the whole floor area is clean, when you want it to stop or if it is losing energy. When this little robot detects that its energy is low, it will automatically park itself to its charging station and will plug itself to charge up.

Funk up your security system

Keep your home safe with purchasing a CCTV system that you can view from your smartphone.

Get alarmed with a smart smoke detector. These smoke detectors will not only alarm the house, even your phone or the nearby fire department. Have a nanny cam for your children or your pets, like the smart CCTV systems a nanny cam can also be viewed using your smartphone even if you’re at work it also has a mic and audio system so you can speak to your pet or children through the camera. Smart doorbells, they are not just ordinary doorbells, they have a built-in camera and audio device too, so you could speak to your visitor or check if that guest is really the guest you are expecting.


8 Indoor Plant Care Tips

aloe Vera indoor plant in pot on white table

Houseplants are beautiful decorations for our household because it gives color and the beauty of nature as a part of our home – in addition, it purifies the air and increases your positivity. A study shows that having a plant at home or taking care of a plant draws positive energy into you making your home a happy space. But in order to meet and maintain these benefits, you have to keep your plants alive and healthy by giving them the right amount of light, energy, and nutrients. Below are provided care tips for your indoor plants.

1. Have knowledge of your plant’s environment

Having the knowledge of your plants’ required environment is really an important aspect of keeping it alive, healthy, and fresh. For example, tropical plants like their environment bright and humid so install them where the sun shines and the atmosphere is humid.

2. Obtaining the right amount of water

We don’t want to have our plants drowning because it will kill them. Since most indoor plants are small, you should go easy on watering it. Place your finger 3 to 4 inches beneath the soil, if the soil is moist leave it. But have a research about your plant first because some plants have their own appropriate amount of water to take. For example, cacti’s need only a small amount of water.

3. Avoid moving your plants from one place to another.

Plants adapt to their surroundings slowly. Moving your plant to another area where the environment and atmosphere are different from where it came from, it will have a negative reaction causing problems for its health. This doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to move it anymore, you can. But little by little, place the plant in the preferred area for only about 1 to 2 hours per day every day. In that way, you will allow your plant to slowly adapt to the environment you where you want it to be placed.

4. Keep your plants clean

Your plants can get dirt and dust likewise to anything else in your home. This dirt and dust can block sunlight. You can clean your plant by just making it have a quick shower in a sink. A better way is having a water spray with lukewarm water and spray your plant to wash off the dirt and dust. Be careful of washing or cleaning your plant, it could add water to your soil and over-water your plant causing problems.

5. Re-pot your plants

After some time and successful care for your plants, your plants will grow and need more space, not only that but it will also want to have new and fresh soil. Purchase a new bigger pot but not too big and add a clean and fresh mixture of soil for your plant, it will make your plant maintain its health and improve its growth.

6. Watch for the problem causing living organisms

Insects, those tiny lingering problem causes are most of the time to be encountered. But you can avoid them and eliminate them. Insects can cause a big problem to your plant because they eat your plant and at the same time, they carry bacteria that will cause your plant to have a disease. Be watchful, check the leaves, stems, and soils for insects.

7. Choose an easy to care plant

If you are a busy person and still want to have indoor plants, it’s better for you to choose a plant that is easy to care for. You would not like to have a tropical plant since it will have some certain requirement for its environment, instead, you can have a cactus, most cacti are easy to grow and give you fantastic shapes to make your home beautiful.

8. Do not put coffee or tea

Most people say that putting tea or coffee to your plants’ soil is good, on the contrary coffee and tea contains sugar, and sugar is a great food for insects. Having sugar will draw insects to your pot making them breed there and at the same time damage your plant causing problems.


Checklist of Ways to Clean Different Kinds of Furniture

Tired of dirt, dusty, and odorous furniture? Keeping these pieces clean and maintained doesn’t just make it more attractive but helps in prolonging its lifespan. Here are simple ways to clean your furniture:

Leather Furniture

leather brown couch clean

  • Clean it with a damp cloth, sponge, and soft cloth only.

  • The leather is prone to cracks – keep it away from direct sunlight.

  • Vacuum every nook and cranny

  • Go with a natural solution of 1:1 Vinegar and Water. Damp a soft cloth and rub it on the furniture.


upholstered yellow mustard couch

  • Upholstered Furniture is prone to fading – keep it away from direct sunlight, too.

  • For cushions and pillow to wear out in balance, regularly flip sides.

  • Vacuum every cracks and crevice.

  • Blot and wipe stains immediately and don’t allow it to be soaked up by the upholstery

Wood Furniture

wooden table with cup of coffee

  • Water can cause wood to warp and crack. When you use water for cleaning, make sure not to leave it too long.

  • Use a lint-free cloth to wipe wooden furniture regularly

  • Use an oil- or wax-based furniture polisher to keep their shine and make them look new

  • Budd your wood furniture with lemon oil!

Acrylic Furniture

  • Don’t use glass cleaners! This will cause some cracks in the furniture.

  • Use a clean, soft, damp cloth to wipe it down instead

  • Repair scratches with plastic polish – it works!


We should always make sure our investments stay as long as they should so we can get the most out of it. Pieces of furniture around our home and businesses are part of our investments, too! Speaking of investments, being either a homeowner or business owner, one of the most important things we should look after is our finances. Proper planning and management are what we need to ensure we don’t encounter any financial problem. Asking an advice from Professional Financial Advisors can really help a lot! They would know what to do to make you achieve your goals and solve any of your financial problems.


5 Side Effects of a Clogged Drain To Your Home and Health

kitchen sink water with running waterIt is common for a household to experience clogged drains – and most of the time we usually ignore this in the hopes of them unclogging on their own. What most of us don’t know, this may lead to a more serious problem that may lead to a much difficult situation. Here’s a list of side effects a clogged drain can bring to your home and health

Bad Musty Odor

This can be caused by 3 situations:

  • Dry Pipes – because of the clogged drains, it may block water from flowing and cause the pipes to dry out leaving no moisture to soak up, which then may release bad odor into your home.
  • Stagnant Water – this is accumulated for a long time which eventually will emit a musty odor that can reach to the surface of the house leaving an unhealthy and unpleasant atmosphere.
  • Trapped Foods and other Waste – due to the clogged drain, it may trap some food and wastes and leave it there for a period of time will allow them to produce a really bad smell and start a breeding of bacteria

Attracts Pests

Stagnant Water or areas with a bad smell can be attractive to some pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and others pests that may carry diseases. This may be an ideal breeding habitat for them and they could grow their population from there.

Causes Allergies and Asthma

Clogged drains can produce a bad smell accompanies with a growth of bacteria, microbes, mold and mildew – these can pose some health risk to members of the home. It can trigger airborne asthma and allergies, while the water with contaminated waste from the clog can cause irritation on the skin.

Dirty Water

Now, this can cause a serious health risk in your home. For seriously clogged drains, it can contaminate the water with bacteria – and the longer the clog is left alone, the more chance your water becomes unhealthy to consume or even be used.

Structural Damage

The longer a drain and pipe are clogged, water builds up increases and may cause some damages which will lead to leaks and pose more damage to the foundation of your home and weakening its structural integrity. And for other serious situation, flooding can occur that destroy floorboard and wall supports.

There are things you can avoid doing to keep this from happening. Here’s one of our blog post for The Don’ts of Clogged Drains which may save you a lot of hassle and expenses in the future.

Meanwhile, for some seriously clogged drains, you can easily schedule a drain cleaning with a trusted drain and plumbing service. It is best to ask help from Professionals because it may get messy sometimes – and they definitely know how to really clean a drain and help you avoid future problems.

7 Fast and Easy Ways to Make Your Home Pest Free

Having Pests around in the comforts of your own home can cause so much discomfort and trouble. Don’t wait for these pesky critters and rodents get into your home – start preventing them as early as possible!

kitchen pest free home
Maintain a Clean, Tidy and Pest-Free Home!

1.Sealing any Possible Entry of Pests

This is one of the most effective ways to keep critters from coming in your home and at the same time, make your home more energy efficient. Pests are known to wiggle in any gaps. This would include cracks, holes or opening in the window or door. If you have a torn screen, make sure to repair them immediately with screen meshes that are usually sold at home or hardware stores. Remember to pay attention to your chimney vents and openings, too – Bats, Squirrels, and Raccoons usually get in through here.

2.Keep your Home clean: Inside and Out

An ideal place for pests to live in are homes that are not regularly cleaned. This means you need to prioritize the cleanliness of your home to avoid pests from seeing your home as their next dream home. Keep your home clean, and I mean every corner, but especially the Kitchen! The room where you store foods will be treated by pests as their everyday buffet. Clear your counters, wash all the dishes at night and sweep your floor regularly every day.

3.Trim Plants and Trees

Some plants and trees are also an ideal home for pests which can also serve as bridges into your home. Trim branches that are nearly touching your home. Also, raccoons and squirrels can scurry their way into your attic through trees. Make sure to be aware of the safe ways of trimming branches, especially with chainsaws.

4.Change your lighting

By now we should have all noticed that flying insects are attracted to light. Yes, we know that lights on exterior walls can add to the look of your home, but this will definitely attract more unwanted insects into your home, especially when near your door or window. You can change your lights from mercury vapor light to halogen lights – bulbs that have a yellow, orange or pink tint will attract them less.


5.Store foods properly

One important rule in the Kitchen is to keep all foods properly sealed to maintain their quality, keep them off from germs, and of course, not to openly leave it to the pests to easily contaminate. All foods should be sealed in resealable plastics and boxes, fruits should be stored in refrigerators, and the pet food isn’t exempted from this – they should be stored away especially at night.

6. Dispose of Waste Properly

Any kind of Pests LOVE the waste you have in store for them in your trash bins. Make sure that your trash lids are tight and properly closed. Ensure that they are also regularly emptied. This doesn’t apply to your trash bins only, consider wastes from your yard, patios, and garage which needs to be paid attention to and regularly cleaned.

7.Have a Scheduled Regular Inspection

Remember that Prevention is always better than cure. Act on problems and potential threats even if you haven’t seen any visible signs of them, YET. Good thing there are Professional Pest Control and Exterminators that can help you with your pest problems and help you prevent them to happen or get worse. It is better to do and invest in a regularly scheduled inspection to ensure that your home is really clear from pests.

You are responsible for the security and maintenance of your lovely home! Make sure to do everything to keep it tidy and maintain it as a comfortable place to live in without having to worry about pesky pests ever.

7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Clean, Organized and Functional

A clean, easy to maintain and functional home is what we want especially when cleaning and organizing home tips cheap jordansour daily chores, job and routine keep adding up and we realize that we don’t have enough time to do a frequent General Cleaning in our Home. And as a woman, it’s in our nature to stay clean and organized especially in our own space. It makes us feel Independent and Good about Ourselves when we know that we are able to maintain a clean environment. It also helps boost our mood, confidence, and productivity!

Of course, being Independent and fixing Your own home means that you have other things to attend to and sometimes you have limited time available. What about the time for cleaning and organizing your special space? We understand and feel you in this kind of situation. We become busy with our goals, passions, and obligations that we tend to forget to maintain our own home. That’s why we put up some Easy Ways that will help you in this dilemma and make your life much easier and thus, happier!

1. Have an assigned place for everything

Being organized starts with you knowing and storing your stuff in their right place. Remember the times when we were kids and our mothers told us to return the things we got to the place where we originally picked them up? That’s part of them organizing their home. It’s easier to have an assigned place for everything because we will eventually know where to look for this items and they will never come missing.

2. Install little hooks around the house

It’s better if you put small sets of hooks in each room to avoid stuff being thrown just anywhere, and see them lying on the sofa or anywhere else. Having nearby hooks is much neater because instead of just dropping your bag, sweater, or scarves anywhere, you can just hang them on the hooks. This way you can avoid piling stuff anywhere which causes disorganization.

3. Install lots of shelves

Whether you live in a tiny home, or just trying to keep things organized – the first thing you’ll be thinking is where to put your items. Having shelves around your home can help you keep things organized and make them easy access. You can also distribute your displays on shelves mounted on walls!

4. Store Seasonal Items

We all have seasonal items, clothes we don’t want to throw and are used rarely, or things that aren’t just used on a regular basis. To cut down on clutter, you should store all of these in boxes and just get them out from time to time when you need them.

5. Put a trash can in every room and Regularly clean out the trash

You wouldn’t want trash piling up on your desks, the floor around the bed or by the TV. Having trashcans in each room can keep your home neat! Put trash cans in each bedroom, bathroom and kitchen area.

6. Have a Shoe Rack

Don’t leave your lovely shoes lying around or cluttered in one corner! Having a Shoe rack will not just make your home organized and functional, but will help to properly store them to maintain their shape, keep dust away from collecting on their delicate material, and prolong the life of your shoes. Place the shoe rack in a convenient place like your entryway or garage for easier access.

7. Think about your daily routine

We go through our day with a routine that we are most familiar with. From getting up, preparing food, taking a bath, dressing up for work, and so on. It’s easier when you put daily things where they work for you: vitamins by your glass, office bag on your desk, coat hanging on the hook beside your door. This will just make your day much easier.

These are simple ways that you can apply now to help your life go on day by day much easier, faster and hassle-free!


Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are a modern day marvel. You buy it, you put in your window and turn it on and that’s it. This time of year is when you remove them from the windows and if you’re not lazy, you service them. There’s a lot you can do but the main thing is to replace the filter so that next summer you can just put it back in the window and turn it on.

But I have central air conditioning, you say. Do you want to cool the whole house when you are in one or two rooms? At night you are in the bedrooms. Zoning air conditioning is not as easy to do as with heating. Most houses with central air conditioning are not zoned so it makes sense to use a window conditioner for a sheer economy. So how much do you need? The rule of thumb is that if you have 150 square feet to cool, 5000 BTUs will do the job. Air conditioners are rated in British Thermal Units (BTU). More is not necessarily better. It will cool a room faster but it will also cool it unevenly. Air conditioners should not be used like an off-on switch. Anticipate your need and turn the conditioner on early enough to give it time to cool. And set the temperature where you want it. Many people go into a room, turn the conditioner on full blast until the room is too cold and then turn it off. It’s not meant to be used that way. If you give it time, an inexpensive 5000 BTU unit will cool a larger area and cool it evenly.

Things to Watch Out For

When you install one in your window, first make sure it’s the right size. The specs of the conditioner will tell you the dimensions of the window that will handle it. You can usually find this information on the box if you’re shopping for one. Make sure the outlet in your house that you plan to use has the proper voltage and amperage. Small units typically use 120 volts. Some larger units need a 220-volt circuit with a special outlet so pay attention.

Installation Caveats.

The most significant concern is the tilt of the box. It must be slightly tilted down toward the outside so that the moisture drips outside and not inside the house. Sometimes, you don’t find out about the error until the walls are drenched with water. It the box is installed properly, it will have the appropriate tilt. Use as much of the foam strips as necessary to make sure you have a non-leaky fit.

Most window air conditioners need little maintenance. But that doesn’t mean any maintenance. Usually, there’s nothing to do the first year, maybe even the second but after that have to clean or change the filter, usually annually. At the bottom of the unit, there’s a tray to catch the water. When you remove the unit is the best time to remove and clean this tray. And while the tray is off, you can vacuum the exposed parts. Then when you have it all together, clean the outside of the box before you put it away. There are other things you can do like oil the motor and cleaning the water exhaust but I think that’s asking too much, particularly if you have several units.

Why You Need a Sewer Service

More often, homeowners overlook the importance of a sewer service. They neglect their plumbing systems until they have to replace almost everything. If properly taken care of, these systems can last for long without needing any repairs. However, if they have got to that point when you have to call in an expert, it is important to understand exactly what they will do. Throughout the inspection of pipes, cleaning and disposing of wastewater, there are specific aspects that these contractors look at.

Property-friendly Practices

When cleaning the drains, sewer companies try to protect your property as much as possible. They know that the leading cause of clogging is an introduction of items that do not move along with water. Therefore, they will use special techniques to identify the location of these materials and remove them without having to cause damage to your property. You do not want to end up causing cracks in the walls, unnecessary marks in your gardens, or any other effects of this job.

Proper Identification of the Cause of the Problem

The right sewer service company identifies the cause of the problem and fixes it. They do not just fix the slight parts and leave as long as the water is flowing again. Sometimes, a clogged drain may mean more than what you can see. For instance, you may think that it is the accumulation of dirt when in fact, the entire system is faulty. Therefore, they will help you to come up with the right solution so that you can eliminate this problem once and for all.

Probably, you are wondering where you can find the best sewer service. If you cannot find plumbers in your area, you can search for them online. You will find lots of results, and you will not even know who to choose or who to leave out. Regardless of the choices that you make, the most important thing is to find a plumber that understand the most complex aspects of sewerage systems, and how to fix them.

If you are looking for a trusted sewer repair contractor, here is a great plumber to call.