5 Side Effects of a Clogged Drain To Your Home and Health

kitchen sink water with running waterIt is common for a household to experience clogged drains – and most of the time we usually ignore this in the hopes of them unclogging on their own. What most of us don’t know, this may lead to a more serious problem that may lead to a much difficult situation. Here’s a list of side effects a clogged drain can bring to your home and health

Bad Musty Odor

This can be caused by 3 situations:

  • Dry Pipes – because of the clogged drains, it may block water from flowing and cause the pipes to dry out leaving no moisture to soak up, which then may release bad odor into your home.
  • Stagnant Water – this is accumulated for a long time which eventually will emit a musty odor that can reach to the surface of the house leaving an unhealthy and unpleasant atmosphere.
  • Trapped Foods and other Waste – due to the clogged drain, it may trap some food and wastes and leave it there for a period of time will allow them to produce a really bad smell and start a breeding of bacteria

Attracts Pests

Stagnant Water or areas with a bad smell can be attractive to some pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and others pests that may carry diseases. This may be an ideal breeding habitat for them and they could grow their population from there.

Causes Allergies and Asthma

Clogged drains can produce a bad smell accompanies with a growth of bacteria, microbes, mold and mildew – these can pose some health risk to members of the home. It can trigger airborne asthma and allergies, while the water with contaminated waste from the clog can cause irritation on the skin.

Dirty Water

Now, this can cause a serious health risk in your home. For seriously clogged drains, it can contaminate the water with bacteria – and the longer the clog is left alone, the more chance your water becomes unhealthy to consume or even be used.

Structural Damage

The longer a drain and pipe are clogged, water builds up increases and may cause some damages which will lead to leaks and pose more damage to the foundation of your home and weakening its structural integrity. And for other serious situation, flooding can occur that destroy floorboard and wall supports.

There are things you can avoid doing to keep this from happening. Here’s one of our blog post for The Don’ts of Clogged Drains which may save you a lot of hassle and expenses in the future.

Meanwhile, for some seriously clogged drains, you can easily schedule a drain cleaning with a trusted drain and plumbing service. It is best to ask help from Professionals because it may get messy sometimes – and they definitely know how to really clean a drain and help you avoid future problems.

Why You Need a Sewer Service

More often, homeowners overlook the importance of a sewer service. They neglect their plumbing systems until they have to replace almost everything. If properly taken care of, these systems can last for long without needing any repairs. However, if they have got to that point when you have to call in an expert, it is important to understand exactly what they will do. Throughout the inspection of pipes, cleaning and disposing of wastewater, there are specific aspects that these contractors look at.

Property-friendly Practices

When cleaning the drains, sewer companies try to protect your property as much as possible. They know that the leading cause of clogging is an introduction of items that do not move along with water. Therefore, they will use special techniques to identify the location of these materials and remove them without having to cause damage to your property. You do not want to end up causing cracks in the walls, unnecessary marks in your gardens, or any other effects of this job.

Proper Identification of the Cause of the Problem

The right sewer service company identifies the cause of the problem and fixes it. They do not just fix the slight parts and leave as long as the water is flowing again. Sometimes, a clogged drain may mean more than what you can see. For instance, you may think that it is the accumulation of dirt when in fact, the entire system is faulty. Therefore, they will help you to come up with the right solution so that you can eliminate this problem once and for all.

Probably, you are wondering where you can find the best sewer service. If you cannot find plumbers in your area, you can search for them online. You will find lots of results, and you will not even know who to choose or who to leave out. Regardless of the choices that you make, the most important thing is to find a plumber that understand the most complex aspects of sewerage systems, and how to fix them.

If you are looking for a trusted sewer repair contractor, here is a great plumber to call.

The Don’ts of Clogged Drains

One of the things that can easily ruin anyone’s day is a clogged drain. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a clogged shower, kitchen sink, toilet, or bathroom sink – the problem is just frustrating.

Many people faced with a clogged drain end up having to call a plumber because they take the wrong steps in getting their drain unclogged! It’s an issue that often has to be taken care of quickly, so it’s easy to rush in and do something counterproductive just to get something to happen.

Here are the most common mistakes that Elizabeth homeowners make when it comes to drains.

1. Putting oily and/or greasy food down the drain

Just because something is liquidy doesn’t mean it should go down the sink. Grease and oil harden or congeal over time, leading to clogged drain that area a major headache.

2. Putting non-food substances or food waste in the sink.

That sink, garbage disposal, or toilet doesn’t amount to an easy landfill substitute. So many things end up in the sink, causing homeowners to call a drain service. If you doubt whether it should go down the drain, don’t try it!

3. Pouring boiling water or vinegar in a clogged drain

You’ll find this home clog busting remedy all over Pinterest and Google, but it’s a bad idea. Hot water from the tap is fine, but your pipes weren’t meant for boiling temperatures. You risk causing long-term pipe damage to your pipes.

4. Using liquid clog products

It would be wonderful if you could actually get a plumber in a bottle, but that’s just not how things really work. No matter what the advertisement says, professional plumbers know that real clogs aren’t touched by over the counter remedies. These products might help a slow drain, but they’re not going to come close to fixing a real clog.

It’s well worth the expense now to take care of the problem. Then make sure that you do the right things for your clog before you find yourself in the same situation in the future!

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