8 Indoor Plant Care Tips

Houseplants are beautiful decorations for our household because it gives color and the beauty of nature as a part of our home – in addition, it purifies the air and increases your positivity. A study shows that having a plant at home or taking care of a plant draws positive energy into you making your home a happy space. But in order to meet and maintain these benefits, you have to keep your plants alive and healthy by giving them the right amount of light, energy, and nutrients. Below are provided care tips for your indoor plants.

1. Have knowledge of your plant’s environment

Having the knowledge of your plants’ required environment is really an important aspect of keeping it alive, healthy, and fresh. For example, tropical plants like their environment bright and humid so install them where the sun shines and the atmosphere is humid.

2. Obtaining the right amount of water

We don’t want to have our plants drowning because it will kill them. Since most indoor plants are small, you should go easy on watering it. Place your finger 3 to 4 inches beneath the soil, if the soil is moist leave it. But have a research about your plant first because some plants have their own appropriate amount of water to take. For example, cacti’s need only a small amount of water.

3. Avoid moving your plants from one place to another.

Plants adapt to their surroundings slowly. Moving your plant to another area where the environment and atmosphere are different from where it came from, it will have a negative reaction causing problems for its health. This doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to move it anymore, you can. But little by little, place the plant in the preferred area for only about 1 to 2 hours per day every day. In that way, you will allow your plant to slowly adapt to the environment you where you want it to be placed.

4. Keep your plants clean

Your plants can get dirt and dust likewise to anything else in your home. This dirt and dust can block sunlight. You can clean your plant by just making it have a quick shower in a sink. A better way is having a water spray with lukewarm water and spray your plant to wash off the dirt and dust. Be careful of washing or cleaning your plant, it could add water to your soil and over-water your plant causing problems.

5. Re-pot your plants

After some time and successful care for your plants, your plants will grow and need more space, not only that but it will also want to have new and fresh soil. Purchase a new bigger pot but not too big and add a clean and fresh mixture of soil for your plant, it will make your plant maintain its health and improve its growth.

6. Watch for the problem causing living organisms

Insects, those tiny lingering problem causes are most of the time to be encountered. But you can avoid them and eliminate them. Insects can cause a big problem to your plant because they eat your plant and at the same time, they carry bacteria that will cause your plant to have a disease. Be watchful, check the leaves, stems, and soils for insects.

7. Choose an easy to care plant

If you are a busy person and still want to have indoor plants, it’s better for you to choose a plant that is easy to care for. You would not like to have a tropical plant since it will have some certain requirement for its environment, instead, you can have a cactus, most cacti are easy to grow and give you fantastic shapes to make your home beautiful.

8. Do not put coffee or tea

Most people say that putting tea or coffee to your plants’ soil is good, on the contrary coffee and tea contains sugar, and sugar is a great food for insects. Having sugar will draw insects to your pot making them breed there and at the same time damage your plant causing problems.