Commercial Cleaning Services: Good for Employees and Your Bottom Line

As employers, we are often looking for win-win scenarios. How do we offer our product at a great price while still maintaining profit? How do we increase efficiency and keep employees happy? There are several business books written, and even more still being created, about the numerous ways to tackle all the management issues any business and employer faces.

One way we have seen a win-win for business owners and employees is through the outsourcing of commercial cleaning services. How is this possible? In these ways:

A Clean Space Builds Morale

Studies show that employees determine how much value is placed on them based on the cleanliness of their workspace. Imagine having to take a break in a dirty kitchen or feeling uncomfortable using the restroom because it doesn’t feel clean. On the contrary, clean spaces put employees at ease, reducing stress and building morale.

A clean space shows you care.

Commercial Cleaning Services Are Outsourced

When employees can focus on their own jobs, rather than on cleaning, they can stay productive on what they do best. Outsourced commercial cleaning services also means your employees don’t have to do the “dirty work” that could cause job resentment. Part of this resentment could come in the form of having a lower pay rate during cleaning duties, an increase in on-the-job injuries when staff isn’t properly trained to clean, or even a discrepancy in hours paid because of varying degrees of cleaning competence by individual staff.

Hiring commercial cleaning services keeps a healthy boundary around job roles and responsibilities, so your staff can focus on their best work.

Safe & Healthy Environment

When the wrong cleaning chemicals are used, you run the risk of not properly sanitizing an area, resulting in the spread of germs and bacteria. This can lead to sickness, and resulting sick days and lowered productivity – after all, an employee can’t perform their job duties if they don’t report to work.

Professional janitorial staff is trained in the proper products, application and use to ensure the healthiest clean, so your employees can keep producing.

Safe Personnel

A cluttered workspace can create a trip or slip and fall scenario. When a commercial cleaning company performs service, they clear areas of trash and debris, which also encourages other staff to keep areas clear. This is particularly important after remodeling where construction debris exists, including screws, nails, hardware, dust, drywall and more.

Keep staff safe from accidents and injury, and protect yourself from lawsuits, with commercial cleaning.