How Can Ants Exist in My House?

You’ve definitely dealt with an ant infestation at least once in your roles as a homeowner, property manager, or company owner at some point in your life. Because they are so common in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, people and ant colonies often live in the same places. When the weather becomes warmer in the early spring, common species of ants that are local to our region begin to become active. 

These ants, which include nuisance ants and carpenter ants, may be found here. However, where do ants originate from? If I have a clean house, why do I have ants in my house? When ants invade your home or place of business, you most likely have a million more questions running through your head in addition to these. Let’s explore the world of ants and talk about how to get rid of an ant infestation.

Difference Between Black & Carpenter Ants

The region that we live in is home to a diverse population of ants of many different species. An infestation is never something that you want to deal with since it may range from little black ants that are a nuisance to huge carpenter ants that are destructive. Ants are a common problem in residential and commercial properties, and most people will have to deal with them at some time.

Those little black ants that might be seen crawling around inside your home and outside on your property are almost certainly nuisance ants. These pests are going to examine their whole surrounding environment, and if the residence is located within their zone of surveying, then it will be included in the regions that they are scouting for locations that have food supplies. It is possible that they will regularly re-scout certain locations if they are unable to locate any food supplies there. On the other hand, if they find food, this could lead to behavior that lasts for a long time or is always going on.

It’s also likely that you’re familiar with carpenter ants, although it’s possible that your knowledge of them is limited. The phrase “wood-destroying insects” refers to both termites and carpenter ants, which are both referred to as “wood-destroying ants.” Carpenter ants, in contrast to termites, do not consume wood in any way. They do this by boring into the wood, producing smooth galleries and tunnels for themselves to nest in. As a consequence of the low rate of wood consumption, the entrance and exit locations of the nest are marked by the presence of a few scattered heaps of wood shavings. The majority of the time, carpenter ants are drawn to softwood or wood that has been harmed by water. This may include hardwood decks, insulation, window or door frames, as well as structural aspects of your house that are constructed out of wood. The nighttime is when these large black ants are most busy.

How Ants Get Into Kitchens & Bathrooms

Ants are able to squeeze through openings so narrow that you probably wouldn’t even bother to look for them. Ants may enter your home via a variety of entry sites, the most frequent of which are tiny rips in window screening, fractures in the foundation of your house, and spaces surrounding windows and doors. They may also be introduced inside the house by hitching a ride in the potted plants or hanging baskets that are purchased from garden stores. 

This is another method. Ants are not limited to just inhabiting the kitchen and bathroom of your house; they may be found wherever. The primary reason for their concentration in these areas, in particular, is the availability of supplies of water and food that are not difficult to get. Even in the cleanest homes, ants can get in if food isn’t stored right, entry points aren’t fixed or sealed, and there is rotting wood or wet insulation.

How to Get Rid of Ants on Your Own

An active problem may be managed on a short-term basis using several do-it-yourself ant control methods. Complete ant eradication, on the other hand, is impossible unless one targets the nest. Many homeowners and business owners are guilty of making this frequent error when using things that they have created themselves or purchased from a shop. Although various treatments are available that kill ants, you can only successfully eliminate the ants that are in plain view. It has been estimated that hundreds of ants may coexist in a single nest, as stated by the National Pest Management Association. Essential oils and ant traps purchased from the shop won’t be effective if an ant infestation has already taken hold in your house.

If you want to protect your home against odorous house ants on your own, the National Pest Management Association has supplied you with a few pointers that you should keep in mind.

  • Eliminate any standing water in your home to avoid odorous house ants. Moisture is a magnet for unwanted guests like ants, who may be a nuisance.firm that specializes in pest control
  • Maintain a distance between the home and any tree branches or other vegetation. Ants will often crawl over these branches in order to enter the house.
  • Check the perimeter of the base of the foundation to ensure that there are no cracks or small gaps.
  • Because house ants tend to make their nests in piles of wood, you should make sure that you do not keep firewood or construction materials close to your house.

The greatest thing you can do if you come home to discover little ants that are a nuisance crawling about your house is to put a temporary halt to the activity. Squash the ants to death, and then clean the area with an ammonia-based glass cleaner when you’ve finished killing the ants. When you do this, you are eliminating the pheromone trail that the ants are using to find their way back to the source of the food or water they have discovered. Your next move should be to get in touch with a firm that specializes in pest control to get expert removal and eradication services.

What Methods Does Jersey City Exterminators Use to Remove Pests

Call Jersey City Exterminator immediately if you discover ants in your house; they will remove them in a prompt and efficient manner! We provide a range of services that may be tailored to your desired amount of coverage as well as your particular requirements for pest control. First things first, you have to figure out if the ants you’re seeing are Carpenter ants or Nuisance Ants. This initial portion of this blog article might serve as a reference for identifying different species of ants. Get in touch with us to schedule a no-cost inspection if you’d like the experts at our company to examine the pest issue on your behalf.

Carpenter Ants

Jersey City Exterminators are intended to get rid of existing carpenter ant infestations and stop new ones from coming into your house. When one of our Jersey City Exterminator technicians who are state-certified comes to your house, they will do a comprehensive examination both inside and outside to identify the breeding sources that are allowing carpenter ants to enter your home. These breeding sites may be found by clicking here. After our specialist has determined the source of the issue, he or she will treat the area surrounding the foundation of your house on the outside to produce a protective barrier that will prevent further carpenter ants from entering your home. 

A gel bait will also be put in the smaller cracks and crevices where the activity level of carpenter ants is the greatest. The gel bait is discovered by the carpenter ants, and the ants carry parts of it back to their nest to distribute among the rest of the colony. The ants are killed as a result of the gel being spread throughout their bodies when they brush against one another. If our specialist thinks that more treatments would most effectively fix the condition, then additional treatments may be administered inside in a targeted fashion. To make an appointment for carpenter ant control services online, please click the icon below.

Black Ants

When our specialist, who is accredited by the state, arrives at your house, he or she will conduct an inspection to look for possible entrance points as well as food sources that are luring ants inside. They then develop an individualized strategy for ant control based on the information that they have gathered. The technician will apply treatments to the outer foundation of your house in order to form a protective barrier surrounding your property. 

This barrier will safeguard your home from any potential threats. In addition to this, gel baits will be put in discrete spots within the home where there is a high level of ant activity. Window frames, pipe chases, and foundation boards are all typical locations for the installation of gel bait. Within two days, you should see a fifty percent reduction in the number of ants, and within seven to ten days, you should see a ninety percent to one hundred percent reduction. After ten days, if you are still seeing significant levels of ant activity, please contact our customer service department so that we may send out a technician as soon as possible. Within the first ninety days of your coverage, you get access to an unlimited number of complimentary treatments. To make an online appointment for service, please click the icon below.

Pest Control Service

For the homeowner that does not want to deal with ants, insects, mice, or wasps, the Home Traditional Service Plan is an excellent investment that provides significant value. Your house will be protected from unwanted pests and rodents with the Home Traditional Service Plan’s year-round preventative care. You will get a total of four different services each year as part of your package.

You will have one inside service per winter (December–February), in addition to the three exterior maintenance services that you get every year (March–November). When compared to the Home Intensive Service Plan, the Home Traditional Service Plan has a few services that are not included within its umbrella. If you are experiencing problems with any of the pests that are covered under this plan, you are entitled to an unlimited number of service calls from a qualified professional.

Online scheduling is available for both the Home Traditional Service and the Home Intensive Service, allowing for prompt technician deployment and cashless payment processing. To place an order for service online, please click the button below.

Intensive Care at Home Service

The Home Intensive Service Plan is intended to provide prolonged and preventative pest treatment for your residence throughout the whole year. This is by far the most requested service that we provide to homeowners. The maintenance package consists of a total of four preventative services performed annually. Each service is one-of-a-kind, and it will come with a comprehensive inspection report that covers 30 points and includes specific findings and explanations, as well as providing you with essential suggestions for your house. You may expect to get one interior service and three exterior maintenance visits each year, with the visits occurring between the months of December and February. The rodent control service performed during the winter will concentrate on the inside of the building and will target rats as well as other pests that may be living within the building. If you are experiencing problems with any of the pests that are covered under this plan, you are entitled to an unlimited number of service calls from a qualified professional.

Not quite ready to make your appointment online? For additional information, please give us a call at 201-460-6068 or fill out the contact form that can be found on this page.