The Don’ts of Clogged Drains

One of the things that can easily ruin anyone’s day is a clogged drain. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a clogged shower, kitchen sink, toilet, or bathroom sink – the problem is just frustrating.

Many people faced with a clogged drain end up having to call a plumber because they take the wrong steps in getting their drain unclogged! It’s an issue that often has to be taken care of quickly, so it’s easy to rush in and do something counterproductive just to get something to happen.

Here are the most common mistakes that Elizabeth homeowners make when it comes to drains.

1. Putting oily and/or greasy food down the drain

Just because something is liquidy doesn’t mean it should go down the sink. Grease and oil harden or congeal over time, leading to clogged drain that area a major headache.

2. Putting non-food substances or food waste in the sink.

That sink, garbage disposal, or toilet doesn’t amount to an easy landfill substitute. So many things end up in the sink, causing homeowners to call a drain service. If you doubt whether it should go down the drain, don’t try it!

3. Pouring boiling water or vinegar in a clogged drain

You’ll find this home clog busting remedy all over Pinterest and Google, but it’s a bad idea. Hot water from the tap is fine, but your pipes weren’t meant for boiling temperatures. You risk causing long-term pipe damage to your pipes.

4. Using liquid clog products

It would be wonderful if you could actually get a plumber in a bottle, but that’s just not how things really work. No matter what the advertisement says, professional plumbers know that real clogs aren’t touched by over the counter remedies. These products might help a slow drain, but they’re not going to come close to fixing a real clog.

It’s well worth the expense now to take care of the problem. Then make sure that you do the right things for your clog before you find yourself in the same situation in the future!

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