7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Clean, Organized and Functional

A clean, easy to maintain and functional home is what we want especially when our daily chores, job and routine keep adding up and we realize that we don’t have enough time to do a frequent General Cleaning in our Home. And as a woman, it’s in our nature to stay clean and organized especially in our own space. It makes us feel Independent and Good about Ourselves when we know that we are able to maintain a clean environment. It also helps boost our mood, confidence, and productivity!

Of course, being Independent and fixing Your own home means that you have other things to attend to and sometimes you have limited time available. What about the time for cleaning and organizing your special space? We understand and feel you in this kind of situation. We become busy with our goals, passions, and obligations that we tend to forget to maintain our own home. That’s why we put up some Easy Ways that will help you in this dilemma and make your life much easier and thus, happier!

1. Have an assigned place for everything

Being organized starts with you knowing and storing your stuff in their right place. Remember the times when we were kids and our mothers told us to return the things we got to the place where we originally picked them up? That’s part of them organizing their home. It’s easier to have an assigned place for everything because we will eventually know where to look for this items and they will never come missing.

2. Install little hooks around the house

It’s better if you put small sets of hooks in each room to avoid stuff being thrown just anywhere, and see them lying on the sofa or anywhere else. Having nearby hooks is much neater because instead of just dropping your bag, sweater, or scarves anywhere, you can just hang them on the hooks. This way you can avoid piling stuff anywhere which causes disorganization.

3. Install lots of shelves

Whether you live in a tiny home, or just trying to keep things organized – the first thing you’ll be thinking is where to put your items. Having shelves around your home can help you keep things organized and make them easy access. You can also distribute your displays on shelves mounted on walls!

4. Store Seasonal Items

We all have seasonal items, clothes we don’t want to throw and are used rarely, or things that aren’t just used on a regular basis. To cut down on clutter, you should store all of these in boxes and just get them out from time to time when you need them.

5. Put a trash can in every room and Regularly clean out the trash

You wouldn’t want trash piling up on your desks, the floor around the bed or by the TV. Having trashcans in each room can keep your home neat! Put trash cans in each bedroom, bathroom and kitchen area.

6. Have a Shoe Rack

Don’t leave your lovely shoes lying around or cluttered in one corner! Having a Shoe rack will not just make your home organized and functional, but will help to properly store them to maintain their shape, keep dust away from collecting on their delicate material, and prolong the life of your shoes. Place the shoe rack in a convenient place like your entryway or garage for easier access.

7. Think about your daily routine

We go through our day with a routine that we are most familiar with. From getting up, preparing food, taking a bath, dressing up for work, and so on. It’s easier when you put daily things where they work for you: vitamins by your glass, office bag on your desk, coat hanging on the hook beside your door. This will just make your day much easier.

These are simple ways that you can apply now to help your life go on day by day much easier, faster and hassle-free!