7 Fast and Easy Ways to Make Your Home Pest Free

Having Pests around in the comforts of your own home can cause so much discomfort and trouble. Don’t wait for these pesky critters and rodents get into your home – start preventing them as early as possible!

1.Sealing any Possible Entry of Pests

This is one of the most effective ways to keep critters from coming in your home and at the same time, make your home more energy efficient. Pests are known to wiggle in any gaps. This would include cracks, holes or opening in the window or door. If you have a torn screen, make sure to repair them immediately with screen meshes that are usually sold at home or hardware stores. Remember to pay attention to your chimney vents and openings, too – Bats, Squirrels, and Raccoons usually get in through here.

2.Keep your Home clean: Inside and Out

An ideal place for pests to live in are homes that are not regularly cleaned. This means you need to prioritize the cleanliness of your home to avoid pests from seeing your home as their next dream home. Keep your home clean, and I mean every corner, but especially the Kitchen! The room where you store foods will be treated by pests as their everyday buffet. Clear your counters, wash all the dishes at night and sweep your floor regularly every day.

3.Trim Plants and Trees

Some plants and trees are also an ideal home for pests which can also serve as bridges into your home. Trim branches that are nearly touching your home. Also, raccoons and squirrels can scurry their way into your attic through trees. Make sure to be aware of the safe ways of trimming branches, especially with chainsaws.

4.Change your lighting

By now we should have all noticed that flying insects are attracted to light. Yes, we know that lights on exterior walls can add to the look of your home, but this will definitely attract more unwanted insects into your home, especially when near your door or window. You can change your lights from mercury vapor light to halogen lights – bulbs that have a yellow, orange or pink tint will attract them less.

5.Store foods properly

One important rule in the Kitchen is to keep all foods properly sealed to maintain their quality, keep them off from germs, and of course, not to openly leave it to the pests to easily contaminate. All foods should be sealed in resealable plastics and boxes, fruits should be stored in refrigerators, and the pet food isn’t exempted from this – they should be stored away especially at night.

6. Dispose of Waste Properly

Any kind of Pests LOVE the waste you have in store for them in your trash bins. Make sure that your trash lids are tight and properly closed. Ensure that they are also regularly emptied. This doesn’t apply to your trash bins only, consider wastes from your yard, patios, and garage which needs to be paid attention to and regularly cleaned.

7.Have a Scheduled Regular Inspection

Remember that Prevention is always better than cure. Act on problems and potential threats even if you haven’t seen any visible signs of them, YET. Good thing there are Professional Pest Control and Exterminators that can help you with your pest problems and help you prevent them to happen or get worse. It is better to do and invest in a regularly scheduled inspection to ensure that your home is really clear from pests.

You are responsible for the security and maintenance of your lovely home! Make sure to do everything to keep it tidy and maintain it as a comfortable place to live in without having to worry about pesky pests ever.